We believe creative juices flow best when people are smiling; our team is a group of approachable, good-humored experts who care about the work they do.


“At Neckle we believe in being responsible, not just creatively; environmentally, but also commercially for the performance of the contents we produce.”


Talent – Our team is like a fine vino. We only pick the best grapes! When someone joins our team we nurture their talents, give them the chance to grow, and finally, we crush them! (only kidding) Together we make a great team of creative innovators.

Pride – Have you ever had that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’ve nailed it? We have. We make sure every single project we produce is the most visionary and artistic video that it can possibly be.

Intelligence – Just like in a game of Cluedo, we meticulously investigate every brief until we’ve uncovered those hidden insights that connect ideas with audiences.

Trust – We’re an honest bunch (no really!) open and straight forward all the way.

Challenge – What’s next? We’re always challenging ourselves to experiment with new tech and to come up with more original solutions. It’s the only way to be, you’re never a grown up if you’re always growing.

Continual improvement – We never settle for ‘good’ and we never, ever say “that’s just how it’s always been done”. We’re looking to achieve ‘incredible’.

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Andrew Okello founder of Neckle talks about what it’s like working alongside a group of positive creatives.



We have come a long way since 2013 and it’s been an incredible journey (better than the journey to Mordor). We’ve all grown professionally while thoroughly enjoying what we do, our good humour and enthusiasm binds us together..

Equipped with a compass, Neckle is on an exciting adventure and we know where we are heading. Our staff are supported with tailored training and personal development programmes. If we are to grow and develop as a business, it starts with our people.

A kind deed a day keeps the doctor away! Mindfulness and wellbeing are rooted deep in our culture. We strive to have a positive influence on the world around us.

Ego is not the master in our house. Everyone has something to contribute and we encourage the sharing of ideas/knowledge across our agency and around the world.

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